LL.M. in Family Law

Candidates for admission to the Graduate Program in Family Law may apply at any time but are encouraged to submit application materials by early July for the fall semester and by mid-November for the spring semester. You may request an admissions packet online or by calling the Office of Graduate Admissions at (312) 906-5360. Applications are available for download in PDF format:

How to Apply

Degree-seeking applicants must submit:


Students wishing to take one or more courses in the Graduate Program in Family Law without becoming candidates for the LL.M. degree may do so with permission.

Non-matriculant applicants must submit:

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the 2013–14 academic year will be charged at a flat rate of $39,000 per year for degree-seeking students taking 12 or more credit hours per semester. Tuition for students taking fewer than 12 credit hours and for non-matriculants is charged at the rate of $1,625 per credit hour. Students enrolled at least half time (at least six credit hours each semester) may be eligible for federally sponsored educational loans.

For more information

Office of Graduate Admissions
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Illinois Institute of Technology
565 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois 60661-3691

Telephone: (312) 906-5360
Fax: (312) 906-5274
Email: admissions@kentlaw.iit.edu