Student Organization Fundraising Guidelines

All fundraising activities conducted by student organizations must be consistent with the mission of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law in addition to local, state and federal laws and ordinances. For legal and tax purposes, all student fundraising must go through the Office of Institutional Advancement.

1.       Student Organization Fundraising Clearance Form

  • Student organizations must get permission from the Office of Institutional Advancement before soliciting funds from alumni or other individuals, foundations, law firms, corporations or other entities.
  • To request permission, organizations should contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at least 6 weeks prior to any planned solicitations.

2.       Processing of Donations

  • All donations accepted by student organizations must be processed by the Office of Institutional Advancement.  Please complete the Student Organization Donation Form when submitting donations to the office.
  • The organization must provide the name and address of the donor and the postmarked envelope in which the donation was received, if any, in order for the donation to be processed.  
  • Checks should be submitted to the Office of Institutional Advancement within 24 hours of receipt by the student organization.
  • No cash donations should be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Credit card donations should be made online at

3.       Tax Deductibility and Receipts

  • In order for donations to be tax deductible by the donor, the donor may not receive any goods or services (including food/beverages) in exchange for the donation.
  • The Office of Institutional Advancement will issue a tax receipt and forward it to the donor. Student organizations should not issue tax receipts of any kind to donors.

4.       Acknowledging Donors

  • Student organizations are responsible for appropriately acknowledging sponsors at events through signage, program listing, etc.
  • While students should not send tax receipts, they are encouraged to send written thank you notes or letters to donors and sponsors.

Office of Institutional Advancement Contact Information

Office Location: Suite 310

Joseph Volin, Director, Alumni Engagement or (312) 906-5245