Participation Tips

AnchorResume Preparation

Any student planning to participate in the On-Campus interviewing program must have his/her resume reviewed by a CSO Career Advisor. The formal program includes OCI, virtual interviews and resume collects. If you have previously had your resume reviewed for another purpose, you can submit your resume by email to your assigned Career Advisor. If you have never had a CSO Career Advisor review your resume, you must make an appointment. Please use Symplicity to schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor.

For assistance in preparing a resume, watch the CSO Legal Resume and Cover Letter workshops on Panopto,  and review our Legal Resume and Cover Letter Guide for Students.

AnchorReporting Grades, Class Rank, and Honors

Information on your resume must be absolutely accurate. It is not the responsibility of the CSO to verify students' academic credentials and inform students of errors.


You MUST INCLUDE your GPA and class rank on your Recruiting resume. You must use the exact GPA and class rank calculated by the Registrar's Office. Do not try to determine your own GPA and class rank. Use your GPA and Class Rank as of the completion of the Spring 2022 term. You should always indicate that your GPA is determined out of a 4.0 scale (i.e., 3.147/4.0).

Do not round up your GPA: For example, a 3.147 may be listed as 3.14/4.0 or 3.147/4.0, but not as 3.15.

Calculating your class rank percentile: When calculating your class rank percentile (e.g., Top 10%), divide your numerical rank by the number of students in your class (this number must be the official number provided by the registrar's office) and convert to a percentile.

You may state your percentile on your resume in one of two ways:

1) State your rank percentile exactly: For example, 32/299 = .1070 or Top 10.7%.

2) Round your rank percentile up or down based on the following formula. Anything between the whole number and .4999 may be rounded down (i.e., 25 - 25.4999 = Top 25%). Anything above .4999 may be rounded up (i.e., 25.5000 and above to 26.4999 = Top 26%). In the example in #1 above, if rounded, 10.70 would be Top 11%.


If you have just accepted membership on Law Review or in the Moot Court Honor Society, or have served less than two academic terms, you must qualify the membership statement on your resume with the phrase "as of (date of admittance)." Example: Chicago-Kent Law Review, member as of August 2022.

If you served on Law Review or in the Moot Court Honor Society but are not enrolled this semester, you must qualify your membership with the period served. Example: Chicago-Kent Law Review, 2021-2022.

If you were invited to join Law Review or the Moot Court Honor Society and declined the invitation, but want to show you received an invitation, your statement should read as follows: "Invited to join Moot Court Honor Society, respectfully declined invitation."

If you have been on the Dean's List, you must qualify the statement on your resume with the semester(s) you achieved this honor unless you achieved Dean's List all eligible semesters (i.e., Dean's list, 2 of 3 semesters; or Dean's List, Fall 2021)

Other honors that you may wish to include, such as merit scholarships, CALI awards for highest grade in the class, etc. should also be qualified with a semester or academic year (i.e., Spring 2022 or 2020-2021).

NOTE: Discrepancies in information on resumes submitted to or through the CSO, which are either found by CSO staff or brought to their attention, will be investigated as possible Ethics Code violations.


Determining Your Eligibility to Interview with Employers

Employers participating in the Recruiting Program On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) will indicate their required and/or preferred academic hiring criteria (e.g., top 10% of class, law review, technical background, etc.). In order to bid on an interview with a particular employer, you must fall within the employer's "required" hiring criteria. Employers expect that we match their exact hiring criteria when scheduling. Therefore, if an employer requires Top 15% and you are ranked at 16%, unfortunately, you may not bid for an interview with that employer. Any student not within an employer's exact required hiring criteria will be removed from the bidding process for that employer. If an employer's hiring criteria is listed as "preferred," it indicates that the employer will typically hire from within this class rank or just outside of it. Students should be realistic in their bidding selections.

Many employers also list preferred hiring criteria such as moot court and/or law review. Look at these criteria carefully as they will give you an idea of preferred characteristics for summer associates. We strongly encourage you to carefully consider these suggested criteria and plan your preferences accordingly when bidding.

Researching Employers

In addition to verifying your eligibility to bid on an employer, you should also be researching the employers you are interested in to verify that they have the type of practice you seek. It would not be to your benefit to interview with a litigation boutique if you wish to practice corporate transactional law.

For more information on research techniques and resources, see the section on researching employers.

AnchorInterview Schedules

You must thoroughly and accurately enter your personal and class conflicts into the Symplicity system for every day that you are requesting an interview so that the Symplicity system will not schedule your interviews at times when you are in class. Please note that you should not enter your class conflicts except for interview dates that fall after your classes begin.

Interviews are generally scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a noon to 1:00 p.m. lunch break. A few employers may request half-day schedules. Interviews are generally 20 or 30 minutes long, though some may be longer, depending upon the employer's preference.

When your individual schedule is available, you will be able to log-in to Symplicity and view which employers have invited you to interview. You will then have to select a time slot on the interview day. You are responsible for knowing your own schedule! If you do not show for an interview, you may risk forfeiting all of your interviews. Please note that interview schedules are subject to change up to 24 hours before the interview date. You are responsible for checking your interview schedule in Symplicity.

If you are selected for an interview with a Joint OCI employer, you will be notified by the employer, the CSO or another law school's career services staff (if another school is hosting).

Resume Collect employers will most likely contact you directly to schedule interviews at their offices. In the rare case that a Resume Collect employer asks the CSO to assist in arranging interviews, we will e-mail you. Read your email daily!

AnchorOfficial Mode of Communication

The official means of communication during Recruiting is your Kentlaw email address. You should check your email daily for communications from our office. We will not call you with changes or updates (this includes interview time changes and additional or canceled interviews).

AnchorChanges/Additions to the Interview Program

Additions and changes to the Recruiting Program will be announced in The Record and/or updated on Symplicity. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances require that an employer change their interviewer or room assignment. Therefore, you must check your email daily.