Reciprocity Request Form

Reciprocity is an agreement between law schools to provide reasonable access to resources and current job postings for a limited number of students/graduates of another law school seeking employment in another geographic region. See the National Association for Law Placement's website for details regarding individual law schools' reciprocity policies.

  1. All requests for reciprocity must be made to the Career Services Office. Confirmation of reciprocity from the law school granting these privileges must be received.
  2. Because reciprocity is a limited resource, you may only establish reciprocity at one or two schools per year in any city or geographic area.
  3. Reciprocity may not be available in the early fall. Please check the reciprocity policy of the school you are interested in to see if they have blackout dates and when reciprocity is allowed.
  4. Some law schools, especially in geographic areas where demand is high, do not offer reciprocal career services.


I. Personal Information
II. Services