Context/Introduction and Protecting IP

This introduction will address the relatively unique nature of intangible property and the key ways it differs from "brick and mortar" assets. Some historical background on property structures will be covered. The rapid growth of patent, trademark and copyright protection and their importance to the global economy will be explored. Case studies that will be used throughout the program will be introduced.

Integrated into the introduction is a survey course that will compare and contrast the four intellectual property regimes—patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright—in the context of their application to business. Topics to be explored include the point at which protection arises, the scope of protection available and the basis for enforcement actions. National and international considerations will be covered. The class will work in teams to identify and define protectable IP.

Course Information
Course #: IPMM 500
Program: IPMM
Credit Hours: Four credit hours.
Term: Fall Term