Patent Analytics and Landscape Reports

Patent Analytics and Landscape Reports provides details on the stages required for performing patent analytics and for the preparation of a patent landscape report (PLR). Patent analytics and PLRs support informed decisionmaking and are designed to efficiently address the concerns associated with making high-stakes decisions in technologically advanced areas with a maximum degree of confidence. For many years, decision makers operated based on personal networks and intuition. With the institution of patent analytics and PLRs, it is possible for these critical decisions to be made with data-driven approaches that deliver informed choices and lower risk profiles. Working with patent data can be complicated due to the nature of the subject matter and the lack of standard in the way it is delivered from the offices that generate it. Best practices for working with patent data and performing patent analytics for organizational decision making will be covered in detail. Specific steps for the generation of patent landscape reports will also be covered. 

Course Information
Course #: IPMM 508
Program: IPMM
Area of Study: IPMM
Credit Hours: Three credit hours.
Term: Summer Term