Professional Responsibility: Ethics and Advocacy

The ground rules of ethical advocacy are key to becoming an effective and respected litigator. This problem-based class will allow you to practice advocacy skills while learning about the Rules of Professional Conduct and other ethical issues that govern your practice. Using a problem all semester, you will learn and practice skills including: client and witness interviews, preparing your client or witness for depositions, preparing and presenting actual conflict waivers, conducting direct and cross examinations, presenting opening and closing statements, and handling other ethical issues, for example what to do if a witness or your client lies in a matter before a tribunal. The semester will conclude with an actual trial conducted by the students. Class will meet twice a week with a portion devoted to presentation of course materials, by lecture, video and film clips, and class discussion of the assigned reading. The remaining portion of each class will be devoted to role play exercises by the students. Our objective is for you to learn while enjoying the experience, doing it yourselves with our guidance. Taking this class will satisfy the Professional Responsibility graduation requirement.
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Course Information
Course #: LAW 137
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Required Doctrinal
Area of Study: Criminal Litigation, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Professional Responsibility
Credit Hours: Three credit hours.