Complex Business Litigation

This course takes a hands-on, practical approach to pretrial civil litigation in the federal courts. The objective is to bridge the gap between first-year civil procedure and practice as an associate following graduation. Using recent case studies and classroom simulations, the course prepares students for a commercial litigation practice by exploring issues such as preserving the attorney-client privilege, disclosing expert reports and taking and defending expert depositions, managing electronic discovery and preserving electronically stored information, drafting motions to compel discovery, and moving for summary judgment in complex disputes. Students will be graded on both class participation and written assignments that will apply the classroom instruction to drafting motions and briefs. 
(added 11/10; revised 11/14)

Course Information
Course #: LAW 272
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Elective
Area of Study: Financial Services Law and Compliance, Personal Injury Law
Credit Hours: Two credit hours.