Business Entity Transactions

Business Entity Formation and Business Entity Transactions are two three-credit business courses that are offered as part of the Law Offices clinical education program. Both courses are taught with extensive use of simulation exercises. Business Entity Formation provides an opportunity for students to form various types of business entities including partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. In Business Entity Transactions, students implement various business transactions such as employment and consulting agreements, shareholder agreements and agreements in connection with the purchase and sale of a business. In both courses, the students apply the legal doctrine learned in Business Organizations and other courses to a series of progressively more sophisticated simulation exercises and prepare the documents necessary, in Business Entity Formation, to create and organize the entities; and in the case of Business Entity transactions, to implement the various business transactions required by the exercises. In both courses the students utilize information gathering, planning, counseling and negotiating skills in the development of the documents.

Course Information
Course #: LAW 345
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Litigation or Practice Skills
Area of Study: Business and Corporate Law, Financial Services Law and Compliance
Credit Hours: Each course is three credit hours.