Family and Employment-Based Immigration Practice

This course is designed to familiarize law students with the practical, hands-on practice of family and employment-based immigration to the United States. In an increasingly international world, the ability to obtain and maintain lawful immigration status in the U.S., permanent and temporary, is very important. This course focuses on the ways foreign-born persons can obtain permanent immigration status in the U.S. through their family and/or employment, both from abroad and from within the U.S. itself. However, it does so from a practice standpoint—how to analyze a client's situation, how to determine the best route to permanent resident status for a particular client, what resources are available, and how to navigate the maze of the Immigration Service and determine which form needs to be used, and where to file it. We will also examine the temporary statuses available to persons seeking to enter the U.S. to work or study, also from a practice standpoint. There are no prerequisites, but we strongly recommend that you have previously taken an Immigration Law class or have practical experience in immigration law. If this is your first exposure to immigration law, we welcome you to the class but please be aware that the assignments may be more time-consuming than you would normally find in a two credit hour course. 
(revised 11/08)

Course Information
Course #: LAW 442
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Elective
Area of Study: Family Law, Labor and Employment Law, Law, Government and Regulation
Credit Hours: Two credit hours.