Domestic Violence Courthouse Practicum

This full-year, three-credit course will offer a clinic-style experience working with clients who have been victims of domestic violence. After initial training and instruction on the dynamics of domestic violence, the Illinois law governing protection orders, and the operation of the domestic violence courthouse, students will work with clients at the courthouse (555 W. Harrison, two blocks from the law school) for a designated 3-½ hour shift each week. Work with the clients at the courthouse will include helping clients fill out petitions for emergency protection orders, advising clients on their cases, and perhaps even speaking for clients in court. Students will be required to write an assessment of their experience after each shift. 
(added 4/10;revised 7/11, 4/14)

Course Information
Course #: LAW 524
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Elective
Area of Study: Family Law
Credit Hours: Two credit hours in the Fall; one credit hour in the Spring.