Intensive Intellectual Property Trial Advocacy

The purpose of this intensive trial advocacy course is twofold. Exercises in this course are designed to introduce the students to the basic skills of trial advocacy in a primarily "learned by doing" format. Secondly, the course will expose the student to a variety of issues in the context of intellectual property cases. The course will necessarily include substantive intellectual property law as it pertains to the assigned a cases. The case files used in the course have been developed from actual intellectual property cases. In some case files, the actual legal memoranda discussing the substantive law issues presented in those cases have been included for the students benefit. Each student will be required to provide one juror for the final trial in which he or she is the trial attorney. Each student will be graded on the basis of daily performance throughout the course, a preliminary injunction hearing, and the final trial. You will be graded on objective performance; and upon your performance improvement during the course. Students must attend each class session from the class session start to the class session finish, and must be prepared to perform the exercises listed in the syllabus. Students will be expected to both conduct the exercise as counsel and to play the role of witness when called upon to do so. Prerequisite: Evidence and two of the following: Patent Law, Trademarks & Unfair Competition, Copyright Law, Law of Trade Secrets. Pass/fail not available. Students who have taken Trial Advocacy 1 (including the intensive version of the class) are not eligible to take this course. See the Schedule of Classes for scheduling and other information.  
(added 11/07)

Course Information
Course #: LAW 540
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Litigation or Practice Skills
Area of Study: Intellectual Property Law
Credit Hours: Three credit hours.