Financial Services Products

This course serves as a summation to the Graduate Program in Financial Services Law through an analysis of representative types of major financial products offered by various financial services entities. Many classes are presentations given by attorneys who helped create the various products. Each guest is asked to examine the significant legal, tax and market characteristics of the product. Consideration will be given to how these characteristics and the relevant regulatory mechanisms affect product design, delivery systems, and interchangeability of purpose, and how they respond to consumer needs. Products are selected from among: stocks, bonds, commodities, options, cash management accounts, mutual funds, life insurance, annuities, home equity loans, certificates of deposit, credit card operations, and similar products. This course should be taken after the student has obtained a broad background from other courses in the program.

Course Information
Course #: LAW 812
Program: LLM
Area of Study: Financial Services Law and Compliance
Credit Hours: Three credit hours.