Faculty COVID-19 Online Resources

As we transition to an online-only environment we are providing resources for the tools/technologies that will facilitate online teaching/learning. Please ensure that you have a working laptop/desktop computer with internet connectivity as well as a microphone and/or camera. ITS and Educational Technology can assist you with using the following technologies listed below:

Need help? Email us at helpdesk@kentlaw.iit.edu 

Getting started

Communicating with students

Synchronous learning (real-time sessions with students):

  • Google Meet: 

    • Meet offers video conferencing/phone conferencing with the ability to record meetings.

    • It is built into Google Apps for Chicago-Kent and works seamlessly with Google Calendar.

    • Google Meet can be used audio-only (if your computer does not have a webcam but has a microphone). We are trying to obtain webcams for faculty who don’t have them.

    • Currently, 250 users can participate in a meeting.

    • You can host one-on-one meetings or meetings with your entire class.

    • Instructions

  • Best practices, tips, and tricks

  • Virtual attendance:

    • We suggest that you use Google forms for attendance. Unlike Panopto (see below) there is no built-in capability to monitor attendance.  IT has the capability of auditing Google Meet logs to determine attendance if needed. 

  • Skype for Business:

    • Chicago-Kent has licenses for Faculty and Students which you can use for one on one meetings. 

  • Zoom:

    • The university does not have a license for Zoom, University IT has been working with Zoom however we have no updates on licenses. 

  • We encourage the use of Google Meets for synchronous meetings.

Asynchronous learning (instruction not in real time):

  • Panopto: 

    • Panopto can be used to record and upload lectures. It can be used for audio/video or audio-only lectures.

    • Login with your portal username and password

    • Your students will be notified when videos are made available in their class folders.  Only enrolled students will have access to the Panopto recordings for your class.

    • All recordings will be deleted upon completion of the term.

    • Instructions

    • Virtual attendance: Faculty can view statistics of class participation. IT will also be able to provide these statistics on who has viewed the class at the end of the semester.

  • Best practices, tips, and tricks

  • Student discussions


Posting course material:

  • TWEN - A course website to share documents, manage assignments, and communicate with students

  • Google Drive - Create, share, and collaborate on materials with your students

  • Blackboard, a platform used mainly on Main Campus, is available for those who already use it or are familiar with it and prefer it to the above options.




Remote access to your office computer and H drive (for full-time faculty):

  • A VPN client is needed to access your H drive content as well as any items on your office computer

  • Chicago-Kent has its own VPN client separate from Main campus

  • Instructions for VPN and remote desktop connection

  • Note: You do not need to use a VPN client to access Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, Panopto, TWEN or Skype for Business.

Using Mobile Tech(Ipad):

Articles and Advanced Resources:


  • Helpdesk: The helpdesk will be open at least from 8:30am - 5pm every weekday. Should we need to move to an entirely remote operation we have the ability to do so.

    • Email support: Email us at helpdesk@kentlaw.iit.edu

      • Please be extremely specific regarding what you need so that we can appropriately assign the correct support staff.

    • Phone: When IT is in the building call: 312-906-5300

    • Remote support: IT uses a software application to connect to your computer to troubleshoot

This is just the start of the resources we plan to provide you.  We’ll add others as we learn about new tools, questions arise, or any part of the situation changes.