Additional Academic Skills Websites

The websites listed below offer various forms of academic assistance or study resources for law students:

Advice to First Year Law Students (Julie Hilden)

CALI: The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

DePaul University College of Law, Academic Support Program

Exam Writing (Brooklyn Law School)

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Exam Database Legal Dictionary

Law School Life on

Law School - Materials for Success (Barbara Glesner Fines)

Outlining Course Material (Brooklyn Law School)

St. Louis University School of Law, Outlining and Study Skills

Taking Multiple Choice Exams (Rogelio Lasso)

The Elements of Style (William Strunk, Jr.)

Time Management (Suffolk University School of Law)

Villanova University School of Law, Exam Strategies

Why Study Groups are Not for Studying (Suffolk University School of Law)

Writing Law Examinations (John H. Langbien)