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Initial Reading Assignments (revosed 1/13/17)
Assignments added 1/12/17:
 Property (Prof. Perritt); Regulation of New Technologies (Prof. Perritt)
Assignment revised 1/13/17: Copyright Law (Prof. Lee)
Please note: Not all professors submit initial assignments, so do not be concerned if there is no listing for one or more of your courses. Even if a course is not listed here, materials for the course should be available in the Bookstore.

Spring 2017 Schedule of Classes (with Classroom Assignments and Exam Information) (revised 1/13/17)

Exam Schedule (revised 4/24/17)

Trial Advocacy 1 Section Assignments (posted 1/13/17)

Trial Advocacy 2 Section Assignments (posted 1/13/17)

DePaul Classes (posted 1-6-17)

Loyola Classes (posted 1-6-17)

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