Student Handbook: Section IX

Class Attendance

§ 9.1 Class Attendance

Each student is expected to attend all classes regularly and punctually, to be prepared, to participate in the discussion, and to remain throughout the session. An instructor may notify the class of reasonable attendance requirements and may deduct credit or award the grade of WP or Incomplete if a student fails to meet the requirements.

§ 9.2 Failure of an Instructor to Appear in Class

If an instructor does not appear in class within 15 minutes after the class is scheduled to begin and has not given notice that he or she will be late, the students may presume the class has been canceled.

§ 9.3 Tape Recording Class Sessions

Video and/or sound recording of any classroom activities require the approval of the faculty in charge of the class and reasonable notice to all those in attendance. The faculty member in charge of the class is permitted but not required to impose additional reasonable conditions on recording, including, but not limited to, consent of the entire class and a prohibition on posting the recording on the internet or through any forms of social media.

§ 9.4 Scheduling of Make-up Classes

No instructor shall schedule a make-up class during the period designated "Read Period," except on the first day of that period. Optional review sessions are permitted during the remainder of the period. Faculty should make every effort to schedule make-up classes during the regular semester, considering the feasibility of scheduling them during the two periods of time each week during which no regular classes are scheduled.