Student Handbook: Section X

Faculty Meetings and Committees

§ 10.1  Schedule of Faculty Meetings

At the beginning of each semester, the Dean announces the schedule of faculty meetings for the semester. Meetings are generally held each month classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters.

§ 10.2  Student Representation

The Student Bar Association president is invited to attend faculty meetings and may participate in most matters, except those involving individual students or faculty members. The SBA president may vote on all matters in which he or she may participate. Faculty meetings are closed to the general student body.

§ 10.3  Publication of Minutes of Faculty Meetings

Minutes of faculty meetings (with deletion of matters relating to individual students) will be made available to the SBA president, who may make them available to the student body in an appropriate manner.

§ 10.4  Student Representation on Faculty Committees

The Dean will designate which faculty committees shall have student representation and how the student representatives shall be selected.