Student Handbook: Section XII

Tuition and Fees

§ 12.1  Tuition

Tuition information is available by clicking here.

§ 12.2  U-Pass Fee

Full-time Day Division students are assessed a U-Pass fee each semester. The current amount of the fee is available by clicking here. The U-Pass is a discount fare card allowing unlimited rides on all Chicago Transit Authority buses and trains. Due to restrictions imposed by the CTA, the program is not currently available to Part-time Day Division students or Evening Division students.

§ 12.3  Student Activities Fee

A student activities fee, as well as a supplemental loan repayment assistance program fee, are charged each semester. The student activities fee supports activities of the Student Bar Association and official student organizations. The current amounts of the fees are available by clicking here.

§ 12.4  Student Insurance

Information about student health insurance is available by clicking here.

§ 12.5  Change of Program

There is no fee to process program changes. However, tuition is charged for dropped courses according to the tuition refund policy in §12.10.

§ 12.6  Course Materials

Course materials, including textbooks and photocopied materials, are sold through the Conviser Law Center Bookstore on the Concourse Level.

§ 12.7  Payment of Charges

Tuition and fees are payable in the manner and at the time specified in each semester's Registration Bulletin. Past-due tuition and fees must be paid in full before a student may register.

§ 12.8  Financial Delinquency

Any student who fails to meet the required payments as provided in §12.7 will be charged a late penalty, as described in each semester's Registration Bulletin.

Students with delinquent accounts are subject to suspension and exclusion from classes after being notified by the Student Accounting Office. These students may not be permitted to take final examinations, receive course credits or transcripts, register for a subsequent semester, receive a degree or be certified to the bar examiners.

§ 12.9  Dishonored Checks

A dishonored check may result in exclusion from classes.

§ 12.10  Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition is charged for all courses for which a student is registered unless the student officially drops the course in accordance with §3.10(a). There is no tuition penalty if a student drops a course during the first two weeks of classes in the Fall or Spring semester. There will be no tuition refund, however, if a student drops a course after the second week of classes in the Fall or Spring semester. For the Summer session, tuition will be refunded only if a student drops a course during the first week of the term.

§ 12.11  Tuition Refund Policy: Special Situations

No tuition will be charged, and a full refund will be made of any amounts paid, upon application supported by proof, as necessary, under the following circumstances: (1) a course in which the student is registered is cancelled; (2) death or serious injury causing incapacity occurs to the student before the end of the twelfth week of class (sixth week of class in a Summer session); or (3) a student is dropped from courses because he or she has been dismissed from the Law School for failure to meet academic requirements during the immediately preceding semester of instruction. Under other exceptional circumstances, such as withdrawal for voluntary military service, serious illness, or action by the University, consideration may be given to a prorated refund or credit for unused tuition upon written request to the Assistant Dean for Academic Administration and Student Affairs.