Student Handbook: Section XIII

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Additional information about financial aid is available from the Office of Financial Aid in Suite 230 and the Office of Financial Aid's home page. Additional information about scholarship programs is available from the Office of Admissions in Suite 230.

§ 13.1  Full-time, Half-time Status for Financial Aid and Deferment Purposes

Information about full-time and half-time status for financial aid purposes is available on the Office of Financial Aid's website.

§ 13.2  Scholarships

The law school provides a range of scholarships. A summary of the types of available awards is available online by clicking here. Questions about scholarship awards should be directed to Gabriela Amador, Director of Admissions, at

§ 13.3  Scholarship Policies

The law school's policies on the award and retention of scholarships are available by clicking here. Questions about scholarship awards should be directed to Gabriela Amador, Director of Admissions, at

§ 13.4  Outside Scholarships

Students seeking scholarships offered outside of Chicago-Kent College of Law should consult the Record for notices of scholarships and writing contests awarded by outside organizations.

§ 13.5  Student Loans

Both federally-funded and privately-funded loan programs are available for law students. Information on loan programs, the requirements for applying for loans, and the law school's policies with respect to financial aid is available by clicking here.

§ 13.6  Sandra Baez Emergency Loan Fund

Students may borrow up to $300 for 60 days without interest from the Sandra Baez Emergency Loan Fund The fund is administered by the Dean of Administration and Finance in Suite 265.

§ 13.7  Summer Session Loans

Students who plan to take summer courses at Chicago-Kent or at another law school in the United States or Overseas are eligible to apply for either the federal or private loans. For information on applying for summer session loans, click here.

§ 13.8  Visiting Another Law School or Visiting Overseas

Information about financial aid for students who will visit at another law school (including an overseas program) during the academic year is available by clicking here.

§ 13.9  Veterans

Information about educational benefits for veterans is available by clicking here.

§ 13.10  Deferments

To postpone the payments on your outstanding student loans, you must request an in-school deferment from your loan servicer. To request an in-school deferment you must contact your servicer to obtain an in-school deferment form. Complete the student section of the form and give the form to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office will complete a pre-enrollment verification with your servicer(s). Please be aware that your in-school deferment will not start until classes begin.