Student Handbook: Section XX

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Illinois Institute of Technology is committed to the principle of preventing the use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol by members of the university community. In accordance with this commitment and in compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Campus Act of 1989, this policy affirms the university's goal to maintain an environment that is free of illegal usage of drugs and alcohol. All students and employees are expected to comply with the policy. The drug and alcohol abuse prevention policy is available from Jamie Lake, the Director of Student Services (Room 310F; 312/906-5247;


IIT has a comprehensive drug free awareness program to inform employees and students about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and assist them in obtaining counseling and treatment which includes full availability of the Counseling Center to all students for counseling and/or referral for treatment. In addition, the Lawyers Assistance Program ("LAP") can provide confidential counseling regarding substance abuse problems. LAP is a non-for-profit organization which offers aid and assistance to Illinois lawyers, judges, and law students with emotional and chemical dependency problems. LAP's primary services include information and referral, peer assistance, intervention, in the case of chemical dependency, and education. For counseling information or referral, see Jamie Lake, the Director of Student Services (Room 310F; 312/906-5247;