Google Apps FAQ

Q: Is my mail in Google Apps kept private and secure?

A: Yes. The email is owned by Chicago-Kent and not Google.  Google will not search your email for marketing purposes which is part of the education agreement.

Q: What is included in the Google Apps for Education account?

A:  The accounts will include E-Mail, Docs, Calendar, Sites, Groups, etc.

Q: Will Google place ads in my CK Google Apps account?

A: No.  Google will not place ads in your email or on the page when you view your account.

Q: What will be my official email address?

A:  The official email address will be in the format.

Q: How can I access my Google Apps account?

A:  You can access your Google Apps account via a Single Sign-On to MyIIT. There will be a Google Apps for Chicago-Kent  icon which will take you to your Chicago-Kent email.  You will not be able to access your CK Gmail account via

Q: Can I view my CK Google Apps account on my tablet or mobile device?

A: Yes. We will  provide instructions on mobile device configurations.

Q: Wher are class distribution lists?

A: Class distribution lists will be appear as groups on your Google Apps account and will be managed by the ITS department. Click here for more information on Google Groups.

Q: What are labels in gmail?

A: Click here for more information on using labels and editing labels.

Q: Why are some emails in my inbox grouped together in Gmail?

A:  All emails that are part of a chain of conversation are grouped together in the Gmail conversation view. More information can be found here. 

Q: I do not want my emails to be grouped together, is there a way to turn the grouping off?

A: Due to a technical limitationthe migrated emails will be grouped together in conversation view. The emails can be made to appear as currently viewed in outlook by following these steps:

  • Click the gear icon in Gmail.
  • Select Settings from the menu that comes up.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • Make sure Conversation view off is selected under Conversation View.
  • Click Save Changes.

Q: Is there a way to delay/undo the sending of email to allow for corrections?

A:  Gmail now has an 'Undo Send' setting that will allow you to delay the sending of an email by a pre-determined duration. You can enable this option by following these steps:

  • Click the gear icon in Gmail.
  • Select Settings from the menu that comes up.
  • Go to the Undo Send section and click the Enable checkbox.
  • Set the delay duration in seconds (10 is Recommended).

You should see a yellow 'Undo' link on the top middle of the Gmail web page for every email sent. Clicking on Undo cancels out the sending of the email and you can make revisions to the email in the 'Drafts' label. If you do not click on any links, the email will be sent after the delay duration.

Q: How do I create filters in Gmail?

A: No, filters have to be recreated by following these steps.

Q: Is there a limit on the size of a message that can be migrated?

A: The limit for a message and any attachment(s) put together is 25 MB.

Q:How do I access Chicago-Kent's Google groups?

A:  Chicago-Kent's Google groups can be accessed through and clicking on the 9 dots on the right top of your Gmail page.

Q: How can I get copies of emails I send to the groups?

A:  Google Groups does not send copies of group emails to the member who sent the email. If you post using the Google Groups web interface to a group you are a member of, you will receive an email copy of the post. If you post using the Google Groups web interface to a group you are not a member of, you may check the "Send me a copy of this message" option before sending.

Q: What happens if someone sends a message to my old account?

A:  You will still be able to receive email at your original email address, Messages sent to your original address will be delivered to your new Gmail account. 

Q: All of my Kentlaw emails are currently forwarded to my personal email account, will this forwarding work with my new Gmail account?

A: The existing forwarding will not be carried over to your student Gmail account and you will have to enable forwarding on your new Gmail account by following these instructions.

Q:  As a student, how long can I keep my Gmail account?

A:  Upon graduation from the institution, the Gmail account is for life.

Q: I accidently deleted an item(s) (Email, Google Document) from my account. Is there a way to retrieve this item(s)?

A: If you accidently deleted emails, go to your 'Trash' folder and check against the email and move it back to the inbox. Messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days are automatically and irretrievably deleted. If you accidently deleted a Google Document, check to see if any of the document collaborators have a local copy on their computer. If that is not the case, please note that the Item is irretrievably lost.