Configuration Steps for a Mac Laptop

An Ethernet cord should be connected before proceeding to the following steps.

Before beginning the configurations steps, change your Kent password via MyIIT.

Change Chicago-Kent password via MyIIT

  1. Log into with your MyIIT credentials and click My Account.  
  2. Change your password to your desired password.  (must be 8 characters including a number)
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Click Back to Welcome Tab
  5. Click Training and Support Tab
  6. Under Google Apps Account Maintenance click Sync Password

Connecting to Chicago-Kent Wireless

  1. Click the Airport(Wi-Fi) icon and connect to IIT-SECURE
  2. Once you are prompted please enter your entire Kent email address ( as the email address and your Chicago-Kent/MyIIT password
  3. If you are prompted to enter a password to make changes this is your Mac computer password
  4. If you are prompted to accept a certificate please do so by clicking Continue
  5. Once the setup is complete you are now connected to the Chicago-Kent wireless network
  6. You will not have to do this again and the wireless will automatically connect once you are on campus

Installing Chicago-Kent Printers

  1. Goto System preferences
  2. Goto Printers & Scanners
  3. Click on the ‘+’ sign
  4. Select either ‘iit_bw_printer’ or ‘iit_color_printer’
  5. Click on ‘Add’ button
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5

Installing Antivirus

  1. On your Mac click Go -> Connect to server
  2. In the server address type smb://
  3. Double click the Symantec Student Antivirus folder
  4. Double click Mac -> Mac Installer -> Open Symantec folder
  5. Double click SymantecEndpointProtection.dmg
  6. The icon for SymantecEndpointProtection.dmg may be placed on your desktop now - if so open the icon otherwise look in Computer for the icon
  7. Click Continue
  8. Click Install
  9. Enter Mac password if prompted
  10. Continue Install
  11. Log out of the computer
  12. The antivirus will update
  13. Once this is complete the antivirus will be installed and will update on its own