Configuration Steps for a Windows Laptop

Configuration Steps for Windows Vista/7/8

Before beginning the configurations steps please change your Kent password via MyIIT.

Change Kent password via MyIIT

  1. Log into with your MYIIT credentials and click My Account.
  2. Change your password to your desired password. (must be 8 characters including a number)
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Click Back to Welcome Tab
  5. Click Training and Support Tab
  6. Under Google Apps Account Maintenance click Sync Password

Connecting to Kent Wireless

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon near the time on your laptop
  2. Choose IIT-Secure
  3. Check Connect Automatically if prompted
  4. Click Connect
  5. Enter your Chicago-Kent email address as the username and enter your CK password
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Connect
  8. Once the setup is complete you are now connected to the Chicago-Kent wireless network
  9. You will not have to do this again and the wireless will automatically connect once you are on campus

Add Chicago-Kent Printers

  1. Go to Start, Computer
  2. Click Map network drive
  3. In folder type \\kentnet2\printing
  4. If prompted choose Another account and enter your username as kentlaw\username and your password
  5. Click Finish
  6. Double click the Windows Configuration folder
  7. Double click the folder Addprinter-Windows
  8. Double click the Printall icon
  9. Click Run if prompted
  10. Click Add Printers (may take a few seconds)
  11. Click Exit. The Printall and Colorprintall printers have been added

Install Symantec Endpoint Antivirus

  1. Determine if you have 32bit or 64bit version of Windows by right clicking ComputerProperties
  2. Remove currently installed antivirus programs by going to Control PanelPrograms and Features
  3. Click on the printer share (\\kentnet2\printing)
  4. Click on folder Symantec Student AntivirusChoose Win32 or Win64Double click on Setup
  5. Follow installation procedure and choose Unmanaged client
  6. Choose Typical Install