Planning Events with the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is happy to work with you to plan exciting and engaging events for students and alumni alike. Listed below are the common ways that the Alumni Association can assist you in planning your event. Please email for more information.

Funding for Student-Alumni Events

Official student organizations recognized by the Office of the Dean of Students may request funding for joint student and alumni events. The Chicago-Kent Alumni Association will serve as an official sponsor if funding is appropriate. For more information, visit Funding for Student-Alumni Events.

If an event if being planned to raise funds for the student organization, or if you plan to fundraise in connection with the event, you must notify the Alumni Association of your intention, pursuant to the Student Organization Fundraising Guidelines.

Publicity for Student-Alumni Events

The Alumni Association is happy to assist with publicizing events to alumni, either through inclusion in the monthly Alumni E-Brief or, when appropriate, through targeted emails to specific groups of alumni. The Alumni Association can also publicize events to alumni through its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Please note that the Alumni Association does not provide email or mailing lists directly to student organizations. For more information, visit Publicity for Student-Alumni Events.

Honorees and Guest Speakers at Events

All honorees, recipients of awards and/or guest speakers at events should be approved by the Alumni Association prior to being contacted by the student organization. In many cases, Alumni Association staff may have an existing relationship with a proposed honoree or guest speaker and can extend an invitation to speak or appear on the organization's behalf. Honorees or speakers should be selected at least 12 weeks prior to your event. Email to notify the Alumni Association of proposed honorees or speakers.

Event Registration

The Alumni Association can create a specific event page online to facilitate event registration and can print nametags for the event. Email for more information.

Recommended Event Timeline

In order to plan a successful event with alumni, advance preparation is crucial. Student organizations planning fall events should be in touch with the Alumni Association before school begins in the fall and organizations planning spring events should reach out to the Alumni Association before Thanksgiving.  Visit Recommended Event Timeline for a week-by-week proposed timeline for student-alumni events.

Student Organization Fundraising

All fundraising activities conducted by student organizations must be consistent with the mission of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law in addition to local, state and federal laws and ordinances. For legal and tax purposes, all student fundraising must go through the Office of Institutional Advancement. For more information, visit Student Organization Fundraising Guidelines.

Office of Institutional Advancement/Alumni Association contact information

Suite 310
Phone: 312-906-5240