Recommended Event Timeline

Recommended Events Timeline

12 weeks out:
  • Assign one member of the organization to be the point person for the event; this will be the one contact person for the Alumni Association to work with.
  • Select date, venue, theme and potential honoree(s) and/or guest speaker(s). Do not contact any potential honoree or guest speaker without talking to an Alumni Association staff member first.
  • If you will be seeking sponsors for the event, submit the Student Organization Fundraising Clearance Form.
  • If you are requesting funding from the Alumni Association, submit the Student Organization Funding Request Form.
  • Notify Tasha Kincade in the Dean’s office if you would like Dean Krent to be in attendance. Her email is
10 weeks out:
  • Clear list of potential sponsors/donors and text of any written solicitation materials with the Office of Institutional Advancement and begin contacting sponsors.
  • After initial sponsor outreach by email or letter, follow up with personal phone calls.
8 weeks out:
  • Submit event to the Chicago-Kent online calendar (
  • Submit event details to the Alumni Association for inclusion in the monthly Alumni E-Brief and Alumni online events calendar and creation of an Event Registration page on the Alumni Association website.
  • Discuss potential targeted email outreach with the Alumni Association.
  • Secure a faculty/staff sponsor to sign off on the Alcohol Form if the event is held in the building and alcohol will be served.
  • Continue sponsor follow up (if needed).
6 weeks out:
  • Initial targeted email blast, if appropriate. Sent by the Alumni Association.
  • Continue sponsor follow up.
4 weeks out:
  • Targeted email reminder sent by the Alumni Association.
  • Begin work on design for any printed materials at the event, i.e. signage or a printed program. Secure any sponsor logos.
2 weeks out:
  •          Additional targeted email reminder sent by Alumni Association.
  •         Send any printed materials to printer.
  •         Re-confirm event details with any guest speakers or honorees.
Week of event
  •  For any attendees registered through the Alumni Association website, the Alumni Association will send an event reminder and will print nametags.
  • If your organization is handling check-in at the event, you should keep track of who attends and who walks-in without pre-registering. Submit the list to the Alumni Association within 24 hours of the event.
  • If any donations are received at the event, obtain the name and address of the donor and turn the donation in to the Office of Institutional Advancement within 24 hours. No cash donations should be accepted.

Office of Institutional Advancement/Alumni Association Contacts

Location: Suite 310

Katie Aune
Director of Alumni Engagement
(primary contact for fundraising specific issues), (312) 906-5245