Plus Loan Counseling Requirement

The Federal Direct Plus Loan is a credit based loan. By accepting the loan on the myIIT portal you are authorizing a credit check to be performed and the loan to be processed with Direct Loans. Generally, students with an adverse credit history may be denied. However, in most cases if there are no other extenuating credit conditions, a student may be able to appeal the credit decision or provide an endorser for the loan to be be approved. For more information about the terms and conditions of Federal Direct Plus Loan click here. 

If a student is approved by way of appeal or endorser, the student also must complete the Plus Loan Counseling requirement online with Direct Loans in order to receive the loan. The credit check approval will remain valid for 180 days.

This Plus Loan Counseling is distinct and not the same as the first time borrower Loan Entrance Counseling requirement. The Plus Counseling must be done in one log in session, as it cannot be saved to be finished at a later time. The Plus Counseling is only valid for the credit check approval period of 180 days. If a student chooses to accept an another Plus Loan after 180 days, they are authorizing another credit check to be performed by Direct Loans. If the credit check results in an another denial, then student will need to repeat the entire process by either appealing the credit decision or adding an endorser, and completing the Plus Loan Counseling again. 

First time borrowers that are denied the Plus Loan but successfully appeal or add an endorser will have to complete both types of counseling: the Loan Entrance Counseling and Plus Loan Counseling. Both requirements must be satisfied with Direct Loans online at

Plus Loan Denial Checklist 

1. Contact Direct Loans at 1-800-557-7394 or go to to find out if you are eligible to appeal the credit decision or add an endorser to the loan. 

2. Once you are approved by way of appeal or endorser you must complete the Plus Loan Counseling requirement and a new Master Promissory Note online at

3. The requirements will be cleared on your myIIT portal within 1 week. Please allow some time for your myIIT portal to be updated. 

4. The loan funds will disburse to your student account usually within 1-2 weeks after you complete your approval process and requirements, or on the scheduled disbursement date if it has not passed yet. 

You will recieve an email disbursement notification when the funds have been posted to your student account. You will be able to view this on the myIIT portal. If you are expecting a credit refund as a result of excess in loan funds, the Student Accounting Office will process it accordingly for you. You may set up direct deposit of this refund on the myIIT portal. All questions about refund status should be directed to the Student Accounting Office by email at or by phone at 312-567-3794 option 5.