Class Rank Merit Scholarships

Students are eligible for merit scholarship awards based on academic performance in law school if they rank in the top 5% or 10% of their graduating class at the end of each academic year. Students must meet the specified class rank at the end of each academic year in order to qualify for a class rank merit scholarship for the upcoming year.

Renewable scholarships and class rank merit scholarships are not cumulative and students will receive only the highest award for which they qualify. For example, a student receiving a renewable scholarship, who then qualifies for a merit scholarship based on class rank, will receive the higher of the two awards.

Class Rank Merit Award Amounts

(2014-2020 entering classes)

Division Top 5% Rank Top 10% Rank
Full-time Day Division $20,000 $10,000
Evening Division $13,500 $6,750
Part-time Day Division $13,500 $6,750