J.S.D. Program Tuition & Fees 2017-18

2017-18 Academic Year

Tuition Rates 2017-18

Term Tuition Cost

1st and 2nd terms 

$20,750 per term

3rd term and beyond

$2,500 per term

Mandatory Fees 2017-18

J.S.D. students are also charged the fees listed below.  Descriptions of each fee appear at the bottom of this page.

Fee Description Amount

Student activity fee

$75 per semester

Chicago Transit Authority U-Pass (full-time only)

$126 per semester (academic year)

$63 (summer term)

Health insurance (billed in the fall semester)


Student Fee Descriptions

Student Activity Fee
This fee provides funding for major speakers, and for all student organizations and activities.

Chicago Transit Authority U-Pass
The U-Pass is a discount fare card that can be used for unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains. All full-time students are required to participate in the U-Pass program and may not opt out. (Please note: We regret that although many part-time students commute via the CTA, due to the CTA's structuring of the program part-time students are unable to participate.)

Student Health Insurance
All students registered for at least 1 credit hour, regardless of their division, are required to have health insurance and will automatically be billed for student health insurance for the year unless they provide proof of other health insurance coverage. Coverage for dependents and spouses is also available for additional charges.

Refund Policy and Payment Plans

Information about the university's refund policy and tuition payment plans is available on the Student Accounting Office website at web.iit.edu/student-accounting.

Rights Reserved

The university regrets that circumstances do not permit it to guarantee that published charges will not change.