Michael Gentithes

Professor Michael Gentithes
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
565 W. Adams St., Room 815
Chicago, IL 60661


  • LL.M., New York University School of Law
  • J.D., DePaul University College of Law
  • B.A., Colgate University


Professor Gentithes joined the Chicago-Kent faculty as a visiting assistant professor of law in 2017. Previously, he was an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and an assistant appellate defender in the Office of the State Appellate Defender, where he represented indigent clients in criminal appeals throughout Illinois. Professor Gentithes was also a judicial clerk on the Illinois Appellate Court, an assistant corporation counsel for the City of Chicago Law Department, and a litigation associate for Kraus & Zucklewski LLP.

Professor Gentithes's research focuses on constitutional law, criminal procedure, commercial law, jurisprudence, legal theory, and evidence. His articles have been published in law reviews across the country, including the Missouri Law Review, Tennessee Law Review, Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law, Whittier Law Review, Review of Baking and Financial Law, Texas Wesleyan Law Review, Willamette Law Review, and Quinnipiac Law Review. He also makes frequent presentations to bar associations on topics in constitutional law, criminal law, and appellate practice.

Professor Gentithes earned an LL.M. degree in legal theory from New York University School of Law. He graduated summa cum laude from DePaul University College of Law, where he was a member of the Order of the Coif and managing editor of the law review. He graduated magna cum laude from Colgate University, where he studied political science and philosophy. He is also an avid swimmer and enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.


Check the Invitation: The Trouble with Appeals Invited by Supreme Court Justices, 82 Missouri Law Review 339 (2017).

Tranquility and Mosaics in the Fourth Amendment: How Our Collective Interest in Constitutional Tranquility Renders Data Dragnets Like the NSA's Telephony Metadata Program a Search, 82 Tennessee Law Review 937 (2015).

Sunsets on Constitutionality & Supreme Court Efficiency, 21 Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law 373 (2014).

The Tiered Article V, 34 Whittier Law Review 307 (2013).

Hey, But It's My Money—Ownership and the Enforcement of Conversion Liability under U.C.C. § 3-240, 33 Boston University Review of Banking & Financial Law 191 (2013).

Precedent, Humility, and Justice, 18 Texas Wesleyan Law Review 835 (2012).

An Aggregated Threat: Campaign Contribution "Bundling" and the Future of Reform, 30 Quinnipiac Law Review 587 (2012).

The Equal Protection Clause and Immutability: The Characteristics of Suspect Classifications, 40 University of Memphis Law Review 507 (2010).

In Defense of Stare Decisis, 45 Willamette Law Review 799 (2009).

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