Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age

Symposium Editors

Ronald W. Staudt and Marc Lauritsen

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Introduction by Ronald W. Staudt and Marc Lauritsen

Access to Justice and Technology Clinics: A 4% Solution by Ronald W. Staudt and Andrew P. Medeiros

If Only We Knew What We Know by Conrad Johnson and Brian Donnelly

Thinking Like a Lawyer, Designing Like an Architect: Preparing Students for the 21st Century Practice by Tanina Rostain, Roger Skalbeck, and Kevin G. Mulcahy

The Teaching of Law Practice Management and Technology in Law Schools: A New Paradigm by Richard S. Granat and Stephanie Kimbro

Teaching Law and Digital Age Legal Practice with an AI and Law Seminar by Kevin D. Ashley

Developing an E-Curriculum: Reflections on the Future of Legal Education and on the Importance of Digital Expertise by Oliver R. Goodenough

Law Schools as Knowledge Centers in the Digital Age by Vern R. Walker, A.J. Durwin, Philip H. Hwang, Keith Langlais, and Mycroft Boyd

Gaming The System: Approaching 100% Access To Legal Services Through Online Games by William E. Hornsby, Jr

Liberty, Justice, and Legal Automata by Marc Lauritsen