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Leadership Workshop on Access to Justice

Leveraging Law Students and Technology

June 8–9, 2006
Chicago-Kent College of Law



Leadership Workshop on Access to Justice


Sponsored by
Chicago-Kent College of Law and
The Center for Computer-Aided Legal Instruction

Funded by
The State Justice Institute and the Center for Access to the Courts through Technology

>>Download a copy of the Leveraging Law Students and Technology White Paper here<<

Chicago-Kent College of Law and CALI hosted a national workshop on June 8th and 9th 2006, gathering leaders from legal services, legal education, and court administration to map an agenda for collaboration using A2J Author® and related technology to leverage law school resources to increase access to justice. The workshop focused on finding the incentives and structures needed to engage law students more fully in addressing the unmet legal services need for low income people using technology.

Participants examined existing models of harnessing technology to leverage law students to address the unmet legal services need for low income people. After brainstorming to identify challenges to the success of such programs, participants worked in groups to propose new solutions and incentives, and to analyze how to put the proposed solutions into effect.

Workshop Participants:

Hon. Michael Dennard
Magistrate Judge
Fourth Judicial District Court of the State of Idaho
Hon. Fern A. Fisher
New York City Civil Courts
New York County, NY
Andy Levy
Director of Market Development
LexisNexis File & Serve
Hon. Lora Livingston
Travis County District Courts, TX
Tad H.W. Biggs, II
System Technology Administrator
U.S. District Courts Eastern Missouri
Brenda Bratton Blom
Professor of Law, Director, Clinical Law Program
University of Maryland School of Law
Jeanne Charn
Director of the Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center and Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School
Brian Donnelly
Director of Educational Technology and Lecturer in Law, Columbia University School of Law
Clark Kelso
Director of the Capital Center for Gov’t Law and Policy, Director of the Governmental Affairs Program and Professor of Law
McGeorge School of Law
John Mayer
Executive Director
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
Mike Norwood
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
and Professor of Law
University of New Mexico School of Law
Heidi Ramos
Southern Illinois University School of Law
SHLC/Staff Attorney
Ronald W. Staudt
Professor of Law and Associate Vice President
for Law, Business and Technology
Chicago-Kent College of Law
James Park Taylor
Visiting Clinical Supervisor
University of Montana School of Law
David Ackerly
Director of Private Attorney Involvement
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
Bob Cohen
Executive Director
Legal Aid Society of Orange County, CA
Joseph Dailing
Executive Director
Illinois Coalition for Equal Justice
Chicago Bar Foundation
Richard S. Granat, Esq.
President and CEO of, Inc.,
President of Rapidocs US, Inc.
David Hall
Executive Director
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid
Will Hornsby
Staff Counsel for the Division of Legal Services
American Bar Association
Marc Lauritsen
President, Capstone Practice Systems, Inc.
Wayne Moore
AARP, Senior Advisor of Policy and Strategy
Glenn Rawdon
Program Counsel for Technology
Legal Services Corporation
Daniel J. Rieken
Director of Content Development
Illinois Legal Aid Online
David Yoder
Executive Director
Legal Aid of East Tennessee
Elena Shea Demos, Esq.
Chief Deputy General Counsel
Human Resources Bureau
Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County


State Justice Initiative
Center for Access to Justice & Technology
Center for Computer-Aided Legal Instruction