EREPJ: Vol. 10, No. 2 (2006)



Supreme Court's 2005-2006 Term Employment Law Cases: Do New Justices Imply New Directions?

Ramona L. Paetzold


Symposium: Class and Collective Actions in Employment Law

Douglas D. Scherer
Robert Belton


Douglas D. Scherer
Robert Belton

Learning From Wal-Mart

Melissa Hart

Bringing Sense to Incentives: An Examination of Incentive Payments to Named Plaintiffs in Employment Discrimination Class Actions

Nantiya Ruan

Collective Action Basics

Laura L. Ho

Advanced Issues in Collective Actions

Steven G. Zieff

Advanced Issues in FLSA Collective Actions: Joint Employment

David Borgen

The New Dol's New FLSA White Collar Exemption Regulations and Working with the DOL on FLSA Actions

Adam T. Klein
Mark R. Humowiecki
Tarik E. Ajami
Cara E. Greene

Damages Issues in Fair Labor Standards Act Collective Action Litigation

Charles Tompkins

Fighting the Good Fight: Prosecuting and Defending Class Wage Claims for Immigrant Workers

Janet Herold

Ethical Issues in the Strategy for Preparing and Litigating an Employment Discrimination Class Action

Barry Goldstein

Practical Considerations in Selecting Class Representatives, and Managing Their Expectations in Litigation and Settlement

Thomas J. Henderson

Handling Class Actions Under the ADEA

Susan M. Coler
Laurie A. McCann
Cathy Venrell-Monsees

Working with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Wayne N. Outten
Piper Hoffman

Employment Testing: Trends and Tactics

Michael T. Kirkpatrick

See you in Court, But Which Court? Venue in Title VII Class Actions

Elizabeth Lawrence

"Silence Like a Cancer Grows" or "You Talk Too Much?" Ethical and Strategic Issues in Communications by Plaintiff's Counsel with Putative Class Members

Ellen J. Messing
James S. Weliky
Jessica A. Cunningham

Class Actions Under ERISA

Michael D. Lieder
Mark A. Amadeo

Reinventing Retirement: Reforming Social Security, Medicare and Private Pension Plans: Proceedings of the 2006 Annual Meeting, Association of American Law Schools, Section on Employee Benefits

David A. Pratt
Patricia E. Dilley
Pamela Perun
Marilyn Moon