EREPJ: Vol. 12, No. 2 (2008)



The 2007-2008 Term: The Government Changes Its tune and the Supreme Court Takes a Pragmatic Turn

Michael Selmi


Know Your (Lack ofRights: Reexamining the Causes and Effects of Phantom Employment Rights

Ian H. Eliasoph

Wedging Open the Courthouse Doors: Federal Employee Access to Judicial Review of Constitutional and Statutory Claims

Barbara A. Atkin
Elaine Kaplan
Gregory O'Duden

Employment Discrimination Remedies: The Shape of Lawsuits, the Shape of the Law: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Meeting Association of American Law Schools Section on Employmnet Discrimination Law and Section on Remedies

Michael P. Allen
Paul M. Secunda
Julie C. Sak
Brad Seligman
Elaine W. Shoben

Economic Analysis of Labor and Employment Law in the New Economy: Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Meeting, Association of American Law Schools, Section on Law and Economic

Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
Alan Hyde
Michael V. Risch
Jagdeep S. Bhandari
Ruben J. Garcia
Richard N. Block
Orly Lobel

Together We Can: Imagining The Future of Employee Pensions

Maria O'Brien Hylton