EREPJ: Vol. 14, No. 1 (2010)



Special Issue in Honor of Clyde W. Summers

In Honor of Clyde W. Summers: An Introduction to a Special Symposium

Martin H. Malin
Douglas D. Scherer


An Employment Lawyer's Tribute to Clyde W. Summers

Paul H. Tobias


Clyde W. Summers' Influence on Individual Rights Against Employment Discrimination Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Alfred W. Blumrosen


Some Further Thoughts on the Usefulness of Comparativism in the Law of Employee Privacy

Matthew W. Finkin


Talking is Worthwhile: The Role of Employee Voice in Protecting, Enhancing, and Encouraging Individual Rights to Job Security in a Collective System

Anne Marie Lofaso


Educating the United States Supreme Court at Summers' School: A Lesson on the "Special Character of the Animal"

Rafel Gely
Ramona L. Paetzold
Leonard Bierman


Present at the Creation: Clyde W. Summers and the Field of Union Democracy Law

Michael J. Goldberg


A Singular Conscience: In Re Summers

Lea Vandervelde