EREPJ: Vol. 15, No. 2 (2011)



The Supreme Court's 2010-2011 Labor and Employment Law Decisions: A Large and "Mixed Bag" for Employers and Employees
L. Camille Hebert


Captive Audition, Human Dignity, and Federalism: Ruminations on an Oregon Law

Matthew W. Finkin

Technology Use Codes of Conduct: Is it a Choice Between Shaping the Organizational Culture and Effective Legal Enforcement?

Shelley McGill
Mark Baetz

Enforcement of State Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws: Resources, Procedures, and Outcomes

Irene Lurie


Papers from the Association of American Law Schools 2016 Annual Meeting, Sections on Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, and Medicine and Healthcare

Author Meets Reader, Scholar Meets Worker: An Introduction to the Section on Labor Relations and Employment Law 2011 AALS Panel Presentation

Rachel Arnow-Richman

Building A Movement with Immigrant Workers: The 1972-74 Strike and Boycott at Farah Manufacturing

Maria L. Ontiveros

"It Takes a Movement" - But What Does It Take To Mobilize the Workers (In the U.S. and China)

Cynthia Estlund

Of Courage, Tumult, and the Smash Mouth Truth: A Union Side Apologia

Michael C. Duff

Procedural Barriers that Prevent the NLRB from Resolving Major Workers Issues

Dennis P. Walsh

Ruminations on a Symposium

Julius Getman


Presentation at the 2011 Annual Meeting, Association of American Law Schools Section on Employment Discrimination Law

Conceptualizing Race Consciousness and Diversity

Ann Morning


Book Review

Compassion and Coalitions: A Review of Reshaping the Work-Family Debate: Why Men and Class Matter by Joan Williams

Carolyn Shapiro