EREPJ: Vol. 22, No.2 (2018)



  • In Honor of Douglas Scherer
    Martin H. Malin
  • Tribute to Douglas Scherer
    Wayne N. Outten
  • A Tribute to Douglas Scherer
    Howard A. Glickstein
  • How Employee Rights & Employment Policy Journal, Thanks to Doug Scherer (and Martin Malin), Enabled my Return to Life and Work
    Ramona L. Paetzold
  • Supreme Court Term 2017-2018: The Umpires Play Ball
    Michael Selmi
  • Employee Voice in Arbitration
    Ann C. Hodges
  • Labor Unions, Solidarity and Money
    Marion C. Crain
    Ken Matheny
  • A Few Observations about the Curious State of Massachusetts Labor Law: Public-Sector Unions after Janus
    Maria O’Brien Hylton
  • Is “METOO” Only a Social Movement or a Legal Movement Too?
    L. Camille Hébert
  • What We Know About Equal Employment Opportunity Law After Fifty Years of Trying 
    Susan Bisom-Rapp
  • Pay Privacy in Comparative Context
    Matthew W. Finkin
  • Clergy Contracts
    Charles A. Sullivan

Book Review