EREPJ: Vol. 7, No. 2 (2003)



Supreme Court's 2002 Term Employment Law Cases: Is this the Scalia Court?

Rafael Gely


Litigating the Glass Ceiling and the Maternal Wall: Using Stereotyping and Cognitive Bias Evidence to Prove Gender Discrimination

Joan C. Williams
Symposium Editor: Joan C. Williams

Looking Forward and Back: Using the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and Discriminatory Gender/Pregnancy Stereotyping to Challenge Discrimination Against New Mothers

Susan E. Huhta
Elizabeth S. Westfall
Joan C. Williams

Interference with the Right to Leave Under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Martin H. Malin

Can I Get A Witness? Challenges of Using Expert Testimony on Cognitive Bias in Employment Discrimination Litigation 

William T. Bielby

The Social Psychology of Stereotyping: Using Social Science to Litigate Gender Discrimination Cases and Defang the "Cluelessness" Defense

Joan C. Williams

Is Cognitive Bias at Work A Dangerous Condition on Land?

Marc R. Poirier

An International Perspective: A Proposal to Combine Disparate Approaches to the Maternal Wall

Michiko Aizawa



Empirical Studies: How do Discrimination Cases Fare in Court? Proceedings of the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools, Section on Employment Discrimination

Monique C. Lillard
Ruth Colker
Stewart J. Schwab

How Employment-Discrimination Plaintiffs Fare in the Federal Courts of Appeals

Kevin M. Clermont
Theodore Eisenberg
Stewart J. Schwab