EREPJ: Vol. 9, No. 2 (2005)



Supreme Court's 2004-05 Term Employment Law Cases: Retaliation, Disparate Impact and Freedom of Expression

Ramona L. Paetzold


Chaos Theory: The Unintended Consequences of Expanding Individual Liability Under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Sandra F. Sperino

ERISA's Equitable Illusion: The Unjust Justice of Section 502(A)(3)

Scott M. Aronson

How Court's, Employers, and the ADA Disable Persons with Bipolar Disorder

Ramona L. Paetzold

Do Unions Representing a Minority of Employees Have the Right to Bargain Collectively?: A Review of Charles Morris, The Blue Eagle at Work

Joseph E. Slater

From Widgets to Digits: Reimagining Protective Workplace Policy; A Review of Katherine Stone's, From Widgets to Digits: Employment Regulation for the Changing Workplace

Cynthia Nance

Proof and Pervasiveness: Employment Discrimination in Law and Reality After Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa:Proceedings of the 2005 Annual Meeting, Association of American Law Schools, Sections on Employment Discrimination, Civil Rights, Labor Relations and Employment Law, and Minority Groups

Joseph E. Slater 
Michael J. Zimmer
Charles A. Sullivan
Alfred A. Blumrosen

The Definition of Disability in the Americans with Disabilities Act: Its Successes and Shortcomings: Proceedings of the 2005 Annual Meeting, Association of American Law Schools Sections on Employment Discrimination Law; Labor Relations and Employment Law; and Law, Medicine and Health Care

Sharona Hoffman
Paul Steven Miller
Chai R. Feldblum
Michael Stein

Same Sex Marriage and its Implications for Employee Benefits; Proceedings of the 2005 Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools Sections on Employee Benefits, and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues

Maria O'Brien Hylton
Constance Hiatt
Shannon Minter
Teresa S. Collett


Association of American Law Schools Section on Labor Relations and Employment Law: Tributes Honoring Senior Law Professor

A Tribute Honoring Clyde W. Summers

Laura J. Cooper

A Tribute Honoring James E. Jones, Jr.

Vicki Schulz

A Tribute Honoring Joseph R. Grodin

Christopher D. Ruiz Cameron