Illinois Public Employee Relations Report

The Illinois Public Employee Relations Report is an online quarterly published by the Martin H. Malin Institute for Law and the Workplace at Chicago-Kent College of Law and the University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations. It provides current, nonadversarial information to those involved or interested in employer-employee relations in public employment. The authors of bylined articles are responsible for the content and for the opinions and conclusions expressed. Recent Developments, written by the student editorial board, highlights recent legal developments under the Illinois Public and Educational Labor Relations Acts and, where warranted and space permits, other legal developments of interest to the public sector labor relations community, such as Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Employment Opportunity laws, and First Amendment issues.

Current and past issues of the Illinois Public Employee Relations Report are available at no charge through Scholarly Commons at Topics of the lead articles of the most recent three years are below. 

Volume 38 (2021)

Issue 4: Jane Flanagan and Scott Lerner, Pandemic State: Navigating the State of Illinois' Response to the Challenges of Covid-19 in the Workplace

Issue 3: Tom Bradley, Mark Bennett, and John R. Russell, Interest Arbitration during Economic and Social Crisis

Issue 2: Cass T. Casper, Emergent Issues in the Law of Employee Terminations

Issue 1: Robert Bruno and Nicholas Christen, Educating During a Pandemic: The Role of Collective Bargaining in Going Back to School

Volume 37 (2020)

Issue 4: Karl R. Ottosen, One Lawyer's Perspective on 2020 Public Sector Labor Relations and the Impact of Covid-19 and Race Relations 

Issue 3: Jerry J. Marzullo, Joseph Weishampel, and David Grady, A Statement of Facts: The Reality of Public Safety Employee Pension Funds in the State of Illinois

Issue 2: Bryan Diemer, What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Marijuana’s Fifty-Year Journey from an Illegal Narcotic to a Lawful Recreational Drug and Whether Workplace Drug Polices Will Now Go Up in Smoke

Issue 1: Stephanie Brinson, Conflict Resolution for Chicago Police and Community: Healing a Constitutional Crisis at the "Thirteenth Floor" through Native American Reparative Justice

Volume 36 (2019)

Issue 4: Helen J. Kim, Which ULP is It?: An Examination of Retaliation under Sections 10(a)(1) and 10(a)(2) of the Illinois Public Relations Act

Issue 3: Melissa D. Sobota and Erin K. Walsh, A New Day for Illinois: Expectations on the Impacts of the J. B. Pritzker Administration

Issue 2: Lisa R. Callaway and Rebecca C. Barnard, Labor Relations Collaboration from Start to Finish: A Case Study on a First Contract for Westminster Colorado Firefighters

Issue 1: Amanda R. Clark and Susan M. Matta, Janus: Otherwise Known As The Death Of Stare Decisis, But Only As It Relates To Unions