Constitution Day Events

"The Press, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution": Constitution Day Commemoration

Monday, September 15

 Professor RonNell Andersen Jones of Brigham Young University Law School, Dahlia Lithwick of Slate magazine, and Professor Sonja West of the University of Georgia School of Law will speak at IIT Chicago-Kent's 2014 Constitution Day celebration. IIT Chicago-Kent Professor Carolyn Shapiro (bottom left), who is on leave to serve as Illinois solicitor general, will moderate the discussion.

Panel discussion featuring Professor Sonja West of the University of Georgia School of Law, Professor RonNell Andersen Jones of Brigham Young University Law School, and Dahlia Lithwick of Slate. Chicago-Kent professor and Illinois Solicitor General Carolyn Shapiro moderated.

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"Conservative Libertarianism and the Transformation of First Amendment Jurisprudence": Constitution Day Lecture

Wednesday, September 17

Prof. Steven Heyman delivers the 2014 Constitution Day Lecture

Lecture by Chicago-Kent professor and leading First Amendment scholar Steven J. Heyman, exploring the impact of conservative libertarian ideology on the First Amendment. Professor Christopher Schmidt, director of ISCOTUS, offered a brief response.


"When Did It Become Unconstitutional for States to Ban Same-Sex Marriage?: Constitutional Interpretation in the 21st Century"

October 10, 2013

Panel discussion on same-sex marriage cases Hollingsworth v. Perry (Proposition 8) and US v. Windsor (DOMA). The panel included Professors Steven HeymanCarolyn Shapiro, and Katharine Baker of Chicago-Kent and Professor Ilya Somin of George Mason.

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