Oyez Project

The Oyez Project, which came to Chicago-Kent in 2011, leverages information technology to make materials related to the Supreme Court instantly accessible around the world. The website, which has tens of thousands of visitors each day, provides immediate access to nearly 10,000 hours of courtroom audio and is adding merits briefs and amici briefs to its already comprehensive database.

ISCOTUSnow is a comprehensive blog featuring scholarly discourse and explanatory videos on the latest Supreme Court news and decisions.

The Oyez Project's goal is to become the authoritative source for information about the Supreme Court. At the same time, the Oyez Project continues to leverage new technology with the release of two apps:

  • ISCOTUSnow (free, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) features recent Supreme Court oral arguments and opinion announcements, along with blog posts from ISCOTUSnow
  • PocketJustice ($0.99, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) offers rich multimedia access to all Supreme Court decisions since 1955.