IIT Chicago-Kent adds the names of 21 alumni to IUSTITIAM SERVAVERUNT

Law school’s "Judges Wall" is an artistic tribute to those "in the service of justice"

Friday, March 16, 2012

The names of 21 IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law alumni have been added to Iustitiam Servaverunt, an artistic tribute to the law school's century-old tradition of educating judges and to the many law school alumni who have served on state and federal courts.

Nicknamed the "Judges Wall," Iustitiam Servaverunt is a stainless steel sculpture created by Midwest sculptor Lauren Gray that has been on permanent display in IIT Chicago-Kent's west lobby at 565 West Adams Street in Chicago since September 2006. Iustitiam Servaverunt, which means "in the service of justice," bears the names of more than 250 IIT Chicago-Kent alumni who have become judges.

The work contains quotes on law and justice from a variety of historical and legal figures, and 103 translations of "truth," "justice," "liberty" and "rule of law" in 40 languages, including Sanskrit, Yoruba, Ojibway, Braille and American Sign Language. Smaller sections of the sculpture include quotes from historic and legal figures such as Socrates, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and U.S. Supreme Court justices Benjamin Cardozo, Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall. Jurist and legal scholar Chancellor James Kent, for whom the law school is named, also is quoted, as are alumni Abraham Lincoln Marovitz '25 and Ilana Diamond Rovner '66.

IIT Chicago-Kent alumni whose names are newly installed on the sculpture are listed below.

Alan S. Acker '77
Thomas R. Allen '77
Brian E. Barrett '99
John P. Callahan, Jr. '88
Thomas J. Carroll '88
Cynthia Y. Cobbs '88
Anthony V. Coco '93
Ann Finley Collins '85
Lionel Jean-Baptiste '90
James L. Kaplan '71
Demetrios G. Kottaras '84
Joan M. Kubalanza '84
Terrence J. Lavin '83
Jeffrey F. Mahl '83
Charles E. Marshall '63
Douglas Simpson '86
Henry M. Singer '76
Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. '82
Jeffrey L. Warnick '78
Mark A. Wisti '86
Andrea R. Wolfson '01

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law is the law school of Illinois Institute of Technology, a private, Ph.D.-granting institution with programs in engineering, science, psychology, architecture, business, design and law. IIT Chicago-Kent was established in 1888 by two Illinois appellate court judges, Thomas A. Moran and Joseph M. Bailey, the latter of whom became chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. During its early years, IIT Chicago-Kent became known as "the law school of judges." By 1924, law school alumni accounted for nearly half the state's judges.