Spring 2016 issue of the Seventh Circuit Review is now online

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The latest issue of the Seventh Circuit Review is available online at www.kentlaw.iit.edu/7cr. Articles in this issue analyze recent decisions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit dealing with bankruptcy law, civil procedure, class action law, criminal procedure, First Amendment law, law and entertainment, and trade secret law.

Each article is available for download in PDF format and has an accompanying audio synopsis recorded by the student author. All articles are written and edited by students in the Seventh Circuit Review Honors Seminar.

Articles in Volume 11, Issue 2, include:

  • Alexander J. Beehler, Tetzlaff: Has the "Undue Hardship" Test Become Undue?
  • Emily P. Linehan, Is the Injury Real?: The Seventh Circuit Extends Article III Standing to Data Breach Victims
  • Ann C. Motto, "Equity Will Not Enjoin a Libel": Well, Actually, Yes, It Will
  • Anna A. Onley, A Proposal for Eliminating Adjudicative Loopholes Under Statutory Law of Trade Secrets in the Seventh Circuit
  • Stephen Pigozzi, Impunity for Snake Oil Merchants?: The Seventh Circuit Upholds the Class Action as a Vehicle for Consumer Protection
  • Ryan D. Suniga, Filming Police & Legal Dramas: Examining the Influence of Television Programs on the Legal Profession and Law Enforcement
  • David J. Welch, Deference to the Lower Court: How the Seventh Circuit Improperly Granted Habeas Corpus Relief in Jensen v. Clements
  • Kelsey N. Weyhing, Remittitur in Civil Rights Cases: Where the Seventh Circuit Went Wrong in Adams v. City of Chicago
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