Volume 14 of the Seventh Circuit Review is now online

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Volume 14 of the Seventh Circuit Review is available at kentlaw.iit.edu/7cr. Articles in this volume analyze recent decisions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit dealing with civil procedure, constitutional law, criminal procedure, immigration, and labor and employment law. 

Each article is available for download in PDF format, and has an accompanying audio synopsis recorded by the student author. All articles are written and edited by students in the Seventh Circuit Review Honors Seminar.

Articles in Volume 14 include:

  • Andrea Mireles, “You’re Hot Then You’re Cold, You’re Yes Then You’re No: How Inconsistency in the Courts Leaves Employers and Employees Vulnerable”
  • Bryant L. Roby Jr., “I Might Stay Awhile: The Fundamental Right to Vote in a Residency vs. Domicile”
  • Samantha M. Ruben, “Anything but Established: The Seventh Circuit’s Desertion of Supreme Court Establishment Clause Jurisprudence”
  • Susana A. Sandoval Vargas, “Sanctuary Jurisdictions: In a System of Checks and Balances Who Has the Authority to Defeat Them?”
  • Mara A. Somlo, “Combating the Opioid Crisis: How a Discretionary Departure May Encourage Application of the ‘Death Results’ Sentencing Enhancement”
  • Ashley L. Surinak, “Grin and ‘Bare’ It: The Seventh Circuit’s Stamp of Approval on Unreasonable Fourth Amendment Violations”
  • Joseph P. Trunk, “‘Traditional Principles of Equity?’ How Seventh Circuit False Advertising Precedent Minimizes the Burden on Plaintiffs Who Move for Preliminary Injunctions”
  • Alice Ward, “Do an Attorney’s Actions Constitute His Client’s Intent? The Seventh Circuit’s Broadening of the Principles of Waiver”

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