JD Program

Prestigious Full-Time and Part-Time Programs

Chicago-Kent College of Law offers students both full-time and part-time programs of study. Three years are normally required for full-time students to earn a J.D. degree, while part-time students usually take about four years, including a summer term.

A national leader in legal education, we are often recognized for the scholarly excellence of our faculty and distinguished by our curricular innovation. Our exceptionally broad curriculum offers you a wide variety of challenging courses and seminars, both theoretical and practical, geared to enhance your basic doctrinal education and enrich your academic experience.

If you choose to concentrate your studies in a specialized area, we offer nine formalized certificate programs as well as a number of other focused areas of study:

New Joint Certificate

J.D. students can now enroll in a new joint Certificate Program in Workplace Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, allowing students to market themselves to potential employers as well-versed in the highly complementary areas of litigation, ADR and labor and employment law.