Master of IP Management & Markets

Earning Your Master of IP Management & Markets Degree

"With the increasing importance of knowledge as a driving force of innovation and economic growth worldwide, IP rights are becoming central to the modern economy."
—World Intellectual Property Indicators, 2009 (World Intellectual Property Organization)

Intellectual assets are important. We've launched the first master's degree program focusing on IP and intangible assets that will develop highly qualified professionals for this important and fast-growing area.

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Why should you enroll in our program?

Our students will:

  • acquire the education, skills and experiences to become an IP professional in a wide range of roles and settings.
  • greatly enhance their ability to perform their current IP role, and gain the credentials that might be necessary to advance in that role.
  • gain a network of IP professionals that will be an invaluable resource for locating employers and clients.
  • engage in discourse of cutting-edge issues with IP thought leaders and contribute to a growing body of knowledge on a variety of emerging topics.

Who should consider this program?

  • Those currently involved in IP, such as:
    • Tech Transfer Managers
    • Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) professionals
    • Marketing Managers
    • Licensing Professionals
    • Media and Entertainment Executives
    • Patent Agents
    • IP and General Lawyers
    • Inventors
    • Product Developers
    • Legal Analysts and Assistants
    • R&D Managers
    • IP Contract Managers
    • Financial and Accounting Managers
    • Investment Bankers
    • Venture Capital Analysts
  • New college graduates who want a career as an IP professional

The master's in intellectual property management and markets at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is the first degree program in the country to provide a foundational understanding of intellectual property that integrates perspectives and skills from five key disciplines:

  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Law

Upon earning this degree, you'll be equipped to take strategic and leadership roles in leveraging and managing intellectual property whether through marketing, research and development, portfolio management, legal protection or business transactions.


The IPMM program can be completed at our Chicago, Illinois campus with about 10 months of full-time study (30 credit hours) starting in August of each year and running until the following June. 

Students also have an option to attend the IPMM Program on a part-time or remote basis.  All part-time or remote students will need to complete at least one class at our Chicago campus, typically our “Capstone” course, which is the final course in the Program’s sequence where students undertake a two week intensive “IP Audit” of an actual company, bringing to bear all the skills learned through the program and reporting their findings to the company’s senior executives.  Taking the ‘boot camp’ class in Chicago is also highly advised, this two week class takes place in August of each year.

Course work in the Programtracks the life cycle of intellectual property from its inception to full exploitation. Courses include doctrinal as well as skills instruction and practice with real-world problems and real-world solutions. Each class includes the practical application of skills, a new course is focused entirely on IP Analytics. For non-technologists, we offer course work designed to build confidence in working with researchers and others who create the IP we focus on.

Remote students “attend” the on campus classes.  Students will join with on campus students for project work by forming virtual teams.  The entire program is designed to build the skills of the 21st century.

Electives covering basic instruction in the fields of engineering, law and business provide you with an opportunity to enhance or augment your prior education or business experiences. During the program, you'll collaborate with other students as a cohort, drawing upon each other's experiences and ideas.

Instructional teams are drawn from five IIT colleges as well as from the world of IP practitioners. Your classes will also draw instructors from at least two disciplines.