Open Government

The Center for Open Government was established at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2009 to help ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility in local and state government. The Center identifies instances where legal recourse is needed to provide access to government information and proceedings. We focus in particular on cases challenging closed government processes under the Illinois Open Meetings Act, the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, and similar statutes, often involving taxpayer litigation. The Illinois Open Meetings Act grants citizen access to the meetings of many state and local governmental entities, while the Illinois Freedom of Information Act grants citizen access to a wide range of public documents and records. Taxpayer lawsuits can be brought in state court in Illinois for a variety of matters involving government conduct.

The Center for Open Government is housed in the Law Offices of Chicago-Kent as part of the school's clinical education program. Under the supervision of the Center Director, students interview and counsel clients, conduct factual investigation and legal research, develop case strategies, collect and analyze documents, and assist in the litigation. An important civic resource, the Center does not charge for case evaluations or legal services. Clients are expected to pay any costs or fees related to their litigation.

The need has never been greater for supporting the Center for Open Government. By making a gift today, you can make sure that the Center has the resources it needs to continue to fight for open, honest and accountable government in Illinois. Donate now!