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Chicago-Kent’s Center for Open Government to Offer Privatization Analysis Services

First Law Clinic devoted to pursuing government access, accountability and transparency, now offers to provide Independent Review of Infrastructure Privatization Transactions for State and Local Governments.

CHICAGO, IL— The Center for Open Government Law Clinic (“COG”) at the Illinois Institute for Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law, announced it will now offer privatization analysis services to State and local governments considering infrastructure privatization deals. Uniquely devoted to government access, transparency and accountability, COG has analyzed over thirty transactions already, and now expands to provide independent analysis of privatization transactions and Public-Private Partnerships (“PPPs”) involving public assets and infrastructure projects. Applicable projects would those under the recently-passed “ReBuild Illinois” program.

Adding to the Center’s unique focus on addressing and litigating government transparency and accountability, COG’s expansion into privatization analysis, offers unique opportunity for law students to analyze high-investment, complex and important transactions, and provide state and local governments with the independent review and analysis that is not generally available.

“Considering the substantial capital investments—including taxpayer funds—committed in these transactions, it is important for municipalities to obtain independent analysis before leaping into them. Thus, COG will provide independent review and advice, to ensure that the transactions serve the community as much as the privatizers,” said Clint Krislov, COG’s director, “We invite municipalities to bring us their PPPs, Privatizations and infrastructure projects, as COG’s independent analysis of the legal architecture and financial terms will help ensure that each transaction is actually likely to produce its promised benefits, and avoid the numerous mine fields and sink holes that typically come as a surprise down the line.”

Mr. Krislov, an attorney with decades of practice in class actions and public interest cases, including litigation over Chicago’s Parking Meter and Millennium Park parking transactions, founded COG in 2009 to assist and litigate for citizens seeking access to government information, and forcing government accountability. During his time as director of COG, the law clinic has investigated enforcing anti-nepotism rules for school boards Veazey v Rich Twp. H.S. Dist. 227, 2016 IL App (1st) 1151795 (July 20, 2016), forcing access for school board trustees to closed board meetings by others {CITE], and dug into other complex issues of government “fund” accounting.

As COG expands this availability to provide independent analysis and advice to state and local governments contemplating privatization transactions, the findings presented across Illinois, as part of the new “Rebuild Illinois” infrastructure projects.

Governments interested in an independent review of privatization options, should email Mr. Krislov:


The Center for Open Government ("COG") Law Clinic at Chicago-Kent College of Law operates as a watchdog for the interests of taxpayers and the public, assisting and litigating on issues of transparency and accountability on important matters of public interest. A law clinic with real impact, COG’s efforts are led by Chicago-Kent students who are actively involved in actual intake, evaluation and litigation of important cases at all levels of public bodies and the courts. COG has pursued numerous cases including those in the Illinois Supreme Court. Some cases of note include successfully obtaining changes to Supreme court Rule 23; Veazey v Rich Twp. H.S. Dist. 227, 2016 IL App (1st) 1151795 (July 20, 2016); and, Lutkauskas v Ricker, 2015 IL 117090; Jones and Johnson v Municipal Employees Ann. & Ben. Fund 2016 IL 119618.