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Student Handbook

The current IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Student Handbook is found online at


Amendment to Student Handbook Section XIX Code of Conduct, Article V, §5-2.5 (February 9, 2016):


     (a) Upon receiving a complaint based on a Code of Conduct violation, the Dean or Assistant Dean of Students (or designee) may issue a temporary suspension from the College when the allegations against the student are sufficiently serious or alarming so as to reasonably believe, given the academic and/or campus environment, that immediate separation is required to address a risk to the safety of other students, IIT faculty, IIT property or to stop ongoing harassment or intimidation of an IIT faculty member, administrator, or student. Pending a hearing, the Dean, Assistant Dean of Students (or designee) may issue a temporary “no contact” order to the student not to have any contact (written, oral, electronic and/or in-person) with a party who has been the target of the students’ conduct. Breach of the no contact order can result in additional Code of Conduct charges.

     (b) Any student suspended pending resolution of the Code of Conduct process may seek expedition of the prosecutorial investigation and possible hearing to follow. If a request for expedition is made, the prosecutor should determine within five days whether probable cause exists to convene a Tribunal. If no probable cause exists, the no contact order will be dissolved. If probable cause is determined, the Tribunal shall convene a hearing, if possible, within the succeeding two weeks. The suspended student, upon request, shall be granted access to audiotapes from all classes missed and, if required, other reasonable accommodations shall be made to permit the student to keep up with course work pending resolution of the Honor Code process.

     (c) Any amendment to the Code of Conduct, other than redefining conduct giving rise to discipline, shall be effective immediately, notwithstanding §10-5 of the Code.