Bar Passage Rate

ABA Standard 509
Bar Passage Report

First-time Bar Passage Rate

In 2021, Chicago-Kent graduates achieved a first-time pass rate of 76.77% on the Illinois bar exam and an overall first-time pass rate of 74.65% across all jurisdictions.

Ultimate Bar Passage Rate

90.37 percent of Chicago-Kent's 2019 law school graduates passed the bar exam in any jurisdiction within two years of graduation.

Bar Preparation Resources

Chicago-Kent is committed to providing students with the academic foundation necessary for success on the bar exam. We encourage students to think about bar preparation beginning in the first year, with the goal of being bar ready by graduation. Our Director of Bar Success oversees a program of support that includes a series of bar readiness review sessions for 3L students on key bar subjects and Bar Exam Strategies, a Barbri-designed course for students looking to get a head start on summer bar preparation. The course is required for selected students whom the law school identifies as needing additional assistance and sharpens the analytic and writing skills needed for practice as well as for success on the bar exam.